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Speaking of latches, these showed up today. The big ones and plates are for the doors, the mini ones I'm going to try and use for the hood latches.

The stock latch system. It still worked fine, but the issue with these old style latches is if you start driving aggressively, doors start flying open

They latch just fine, but there is nothing to prevent them from coming apart if you pull them apart front to rear. The modern style bear claw latch pin has a shoulder on it so it can't pull apart like that.

Stock door/latch

Modified. I flattened this area so I would have plenty of room on the inside between the latch and window track. I then had to move the latch outward on the door as the B-pillar is a bit narrow and I couldn't get the pin far enough inboard on it. No biggie.

Stock catch

The new pin in place.

I didn't like it having all those washers on there so I and bumped the sheet metal out a bit.

Inside with the door closed

Perfect fit. Pulling/pushing down on that lever unlatches the door.


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