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Default Any Interest in Raptor Liner?

We have the oportunity to set up a deal with Raptor Liner but wanted to see how much (if any) interest there would be in getting in on the buy.
The stuff is pretty awesome from what I've seen, and I know a few 4x4 folks are already using it. It is pretty comparible to monstaliner or some of the other DIY kits. We can get either the tintable kits, or the black. A note on the tintable kits: they can be tinted to almost any color you can imagine, and if you have a paint code, it can be paint matched.

As of right now, the price will be pretty similar to what you can find anywhere online, but obviously if we get enough folks together, we can cut it back a bit for folks. May even be able to add in a spray gun or two for folks. Especially if someone wanted more than one kit, or a couple people that lived near eachother wanted to get together and get a couple kits between them and could share gun(s). If you're interested, just let me know what kit, and how many you'd like and we'll start a list of everyone that is interested.

Info from thier website: LINK TO WEBSITE

I also have a PDF of some info on the technical type stuff with Raptor Liner here: PDF INFO

AAAANNNND the part everyone likes, the pics! I've got them uploaded to dropbox, and I don't THINK you'll need an account to view them. If you have any troubles just let me know and I'll find another way to upload them, this is just the only way I can do it from the computer I'm on right now. LINK TO PICS

ALSO: If you're not interested in doing the "install" yourself, we (Level IV Concepts) would be happy to do it for you at the shop here in Fredericksburg.
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